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Currently completing over 200 townhouses annually and with 10+ years in the medium density sector, team saw has cemented its reputation as the builder professional developers rely on.

In 2017 Saw Constructions was recognised by the HIA as one of the top 10 builders nationally in the category of “Medium Density Builders”.

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Feature Project

Early stage design & construction. 110 townhouses, 5 stages, 15 months

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Our can-do philosophy

For our clients, our Can-do philosophy involves developing a very clear, open understanding of your needs and applying a proven strategy to fulfill those needs, delivering on-time and on budget…

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  • November 21, 2017

    Urban Melbourne turns to Townhouses

    The demand for townhouses in inner Melbourne is growing. The new category of buyer are higher earning professionals who want that particular location, but with the additional sense of security and privacy.

    The size of inner urban apartment blocks can make inhabitants feel like they are just one of many. High-rise blocks lack some elements of privacy and personality can get lost in the scale of the buildings. Not so with the townhouse. Built on a personal scale with a more limited number of dwellings, townhouses can offer better security, extra outside living space whether its courtyard or rooftop, and usually better parking facilities.

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  • October 09, 2017

    Townhouses preferred for Melbourne’s growth areas.

    Reflecting an increasing shift in home buying preferences in Melbourne, townhouse construction approvals are increasing at a faster rate than houses in growth suburbs. 
    ABS (Australian Bureau of Statistic of Statistics) figures show there is a 26% increase in townhouse approvals over and above last years figure, for Melbourne’s growth areas. 1834 building approvals were made.
    However, in the same period house building approvals in the growth areas increased by only 6%, to 12,498.
    There are several reasons behind the increase in townhouses in the outer suburbs. Although medium density development is increasingly encouraged in Melbourne inner-city locations have more restrictions, which pushes many townhouse developments further out.

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It is great to be acknowledged by the HIA for our commitment to excellence in delivering an outstanding product for our clients.

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