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Our Can-do Philosophy

Saw Constructions’ Can-do philosophy respects your needs and your goals. It acknowledges the importance of applying a proven strategy to what is, from our perspective, a necessarily complex process.

This straightforward philosophy has served us well from day one, and still does today. Why is it so important?
For one thing, it means nothing ever gets overlooked, and that’s where experience counts, because we know exactly the right process to follow in each case to make a project as streamlined as possible.

For our clients, our Can-do philosophy involves us developing a very clear, open understanding of your needs and following a straightforward process to fulfill those needs.

All the while, keeping you as up to date and fully informed at every stage of the project as you want to be.

Our Can-do philosophy is, quite simply, the glue that holds everything together.

Team SAW

The great people in our team have two main characteristics - a can-do approach, and a real dedication to quality.

Saw Constructions engages a broad range of qualified professionals and highly skilled tradespeople to collaborate on our projects. These range from architects and engineers to carpenters, roof-tilers, plumbers and electricians.

They have all partnered with us, or been employed by us over many years. We know their character and quality of workmanship. Just as importantly, our professionals and trades-people know us too. They respect our strategic approach to construction and share the same can-do outlook on every job.

Throughout the year we organise team building events that help keep our staff energized and working well. more >

Offering genuine personal service

Our company is the right size for your needs. Small enough to provide personalised service at every stage but also large enough to have plenty of experience taking on the scale of development you aspire to.

We’ve deliberately kept a careful balance with our business. Experience has shown this enables our clients to access all the professional services they might need, whether they are a first-time building client wanting to convert the family block into a townhouse/unit site, or an experienced property developer sourcing one of themost respected townhouse and apartment builders in Melbourne.

Over the years we’ve stayed small enough to offer genuine personal service because we know the importance clients place on that type of reassurance.

Every client knows we have time to devote to getting their project right, and that we’re genuinely excited about working with them on it.

Our clients know we’ll be there throughout the process and are never be too busy to explain anything to do with the project.


Benefit from our ability, knowledge and expertise

  • Saw Constructions is the right size for your project needs. We are small enough to offer genuine personal service, but large enough to take on the scale of development you require.
  • Our clients are never just job numbers in a computer.
  • Our high levels of personal service set us apart and are a pleasure to provide.
  • At Saw, expect us to know you by name and be fully engaged on your project from start to finish

Quote and feasibility plan

If you have all of your plans, engineering and energy reports and you’re ready to start building, contact us and
we’ll provide you with a proposal based on your requirements.

If you only have town planning approval, come and see us, we’ll assess your needs and provide a proposal for all the construction documentation and the final build.

We will ensure the project will be within budget and will achieve the best possible return on investment. Our consulting engineers and architects can sometimes provide suggestions or modifications that will make substantial savings. We have the experience to identify these solutions.

Designing a project to meet your budget

If you don’t have plans, we can assist in planning and designing a development from the beginning. We’ll develop the most ideal project for your specific budget, with the best return on investment.

Customer journey

We believe the journey should be as fulfilling as the outcome.

For our clients, the Saw Constructions approach is simple. It means developing a very clear, open understanding of your needs and then following an equally clear, step by step approach to fulfilling those needs. All the while, keeping you as up to date and fully informed at every stage of the project as you want to be.

Making the experience an enjoyable one for our clients is all part of a mutual respect. You have trusted us and invested in our workmanship and professionalism - in return we ensure the process is as rewarding as the outcome.

Proud history

Saw Constructions began in 2006, primarily building townhouses and residential homes and quickly established a reputation for high quality work and excellent personal service.

“We started doing townhouses because no other builder at the time wanted to touch them,”says co-director, Andrew Allen. “There was much easier work out there but we enjoyed the challenge and diverse skills that townhouses required.”

Andrew Allen and co-founder, Steve Vranesic expanded their business into custom-built homes and apartments. “Each area of construction requires a different set of skills,” Andrew says.

“You need different trade sectors for different construction jobs and the more you do the better you get”.

“Apartment developments require entirely different skills and experience to single dwellings. You must have an ability to work within constrained sites, be considerate of neighbours and understand compliance with council regulations. It’s very different and much more challenging than ‘working in the paddocks’, which was how we described building on new residential estates. But we’ve always loved challenges, just as much today as when we started.”

Saw Constructions creates an enjoyable and hassle-free journey for our clients built on rewarding relationships and service levels.


Saw Constructions is committed to maintaining safe working environments for our staff, sub-contractors and their employees.

We’re committed to safe working environments for our staff, sub-contractors and their employees.

At Saw, we’re big on safety. When trades organisations send their people to work with us they know safety will be paramount.

Our occupational health and safety (OH&S) program complies with all legislative requirements and incorporates comprehensive checks and balances to make sure everyone on-site stays safe at all times.
And because all our tradespeople know they are always well looked after, it produces the best atmosphere for the best quality workmanship.

HIA & Registered Building Practitioner

Saw Constructions is a fully registered building practitioner and a Victorian member of the Housing Industry Association (HIA).

Appropriate industry registration and membership is another demonstration of Saw’s commitment to consistent quality across our project range.

It provides our clients with the reassurance that we conform to all regulatory requirements and are supported by one of Australia’s most prominent and respected construction industry associations.
The professionalism, reliability, organisation and communication skills of the entire team at Saw has been second to none in the successful delivery our project.

Denise Williams East Bentleigh