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The Saw Construction process starts in our unique Planning Showroom.

It’s a relaxed and professional environment where we plan every detail with you. You have the time and range of choices to select the quality fixtures and fittings you want from any of our recognised Australian suppliers. And of course, if you have a specific brand in mind we can organise it for you.

Colour Consultancy

This professional service adds the final creative touches to complement and coordinate with your design, textures, fixtures and fittings.

Saw Constructions can add that special touch to your project through our design expertise in selecting a palette of quality materials, fixtures and fittings just perfect for your custom home, townhouse or apartment development.

ur experienced interior designer will help you make the right decisions on product selection to maximise the return on your investment..

Guiding our clients

Our professionals step you through the development process from the first planning meeting to final completion.

Our main aim is to make sure our customers are happy.

We invest a lot of time in this process, far more than other builders might consider necessary.

This is why we take our clients through every stage of the development and construction process. Step by step without hurrying or rushing you. No question is too small or concern to insignificant.

The result is that nothing is overlooked and we’re able to deliver your project with efficiency, cost effectiveness and quality. With your input and personal preferences in all the important places.

Recognised Suppliers

You benefit from our business partnerships with recognised suppliers through quality products, warranties, service and support.

Saw Constructions’ business approach is founded on strong relationships with recognised Australian suppliers – relationships that have been developed over many years and enable us to source quality materials and products cost-effectively and quickly for our clients.

Our can-do approach applies to our suppliers as much as our contractors and ourselves. These relationships are based on mutual respect and understanding.

Our suppliers support our needs and we keep coming back to them. It contributes to a streamlined project process and at the end of the day our clients benefit.