Harmony Gardens

59 Townhouses, Wantirna

Project Name
Harmony Gardens
Project Status
Wantirna, Victoria
Contractual Build Time
16 months
Cadox Building Design
Development Size
59 Townhouses

Saw Constructions were engaged to coordinate and build the entirety of the project with the inclusion of civil works on an extremely sloped block situated in a 1 in 100 year flood zone. With 117 custom cast in-situ concrete pits it was a tough task that the team were able to overcome.

Harmony Gardens consists of a mixture of 43 triple and 16 double storey dwellings with a communal park for future residents to enjoy.


After contract was awarded to Saw Constructions, the client decided that they wanted to update the plans and documentation to further adapt the markets requirements. Saw assisted the client with the design and updating the structural engineering to suit the feature facades as the original design was inadequate. The site proved to have its challenges early on with contaminated soil spread across the site. Co-ordinating with the developer’s contractors, Saw Constructions ensured the construction programme was not affected heavily and minimised delays. The soul of the Harmony Gardens development is the 100 year old English Oak tree situated to the central area of the site. Once construction is complete, this tree will bring life to the community with a common park landscaped around it.

Situated off of the busy road that is Wantirna Road, there will be a lot of road debris and contaminated water running off into the site, which is why we worked closely with our engineers to deliver a solution for the stormwater to be cleaned naturally and sustainably. Raingardens were the solution and we incorporated three of them that are composed of dedicated plants and soil designed to clean pollutants.

We approached the ambitious brief like winemakers, expressing the distinctive terroir of Marnong Estate with refined, earthy materiality embodying the farmland.

Peter Dahlstrom

Senior Partner, Company Name

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