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When embarking on a construction project, one of the critical aspects to consider is finding partners who share your vision and values.

After all, you’re going in with a strong view of what you want to achieve, why you’re doing it and who it’s for. Much of this will also be underpinned by your own set of values that drive everything you do.

At SAW Constructions, we are big believers in not partnering with just anyone, but finding the right partners for every project. These partnerships are fundamental to delivering successful projects and creating communities for better living. Our value proposition and our core values as a company and as individuals serve as the driving force behind every decision we make, and same goes for the clients we work with.

Value proposition: Making a difference in residential construction

SAW Constructions has a clear and distinctive value proposition — we exclusively focus on building residential townhouses. This specialisation allows us to hone our expertise, ensuring that we can deliver excellence in every project we undertake.

We collaborate with developers to create homes that stand out and make a positive impact on people’s lives. By exclusively focusing on residential townhouses, we have been able to develop an unparalleled level of expertise, ensuring a project that stands out in the market and meets the highest standards of quality.

Backing our claims with genuine results

A compelling value proposition is nothing without the backing of authentic evidence to support our capabilities. The evidence showcases the reasons why our clients can trust and rely on us:

  • Over 15 years of perfecting our operations and client experience
  • Successfully delivering 1200+ townhouses throughout Melbourne
  • Handling projects with an end-value of over $300 million
  • Accreditation from HIA and UDIA

This evidence substantiates our claims and demonstrates that we have a track record of successful townhouse projects. When communicating our value proposition, we back it up with these achievements to instil confidence and credibility in our prospective partners and clients.

SAW values as guiding principles

At the heart of SAW Constructions lies our values — the core principles that define our company culture. These values are the foundation upon which we build relationships with our team members and partners. Our values are:

Bring our best: Every project is approached with a can-do attitude, striving for excellence and inspiring each other to deliver the best outcomes. We continuously aim higher, pushing ourselves to exceed expectations and create innovative solutions.

Better together: We believe that collaboration is the key to success. We work as a team, supporting one another and sharing the load to achieve common goals.

Play your part: Each team member plays a crucial role in our collective success. We show up, take responsibility, and get the job done.

These values shape our interactions within SAW while also guiding how we interact with everyone involved in our projects. By living and breathing
these values, we attract like-minded individuals and organisations that resonate with our vision, and us with theirs.

Using values alignment to benefit every project

For SAW Constructions values alignment is the cornerstone of every successful project. We look forward to partnering with clients who share our vision of excellence and positive impact in the construction industry, as we continue building better communities together.