About Us

Saw constructions has cemented its reputation in the medium density sector as the builder professional developers rely on.

As leaders in large townhouse projects, we have refined the fundamentals required to deliver high quality townhouses that meet the needs of purchasers and developers.

Unlike other builders, our singular focus has been townhouse construction since inception. Our individual commitment to medium density, our continual improvement with everything we do, and our post completion analysis of every project, produce great benefits we pass onto our clients.


worth of concrete


townhouses built

Specialising in projects that range from single storey detached, double storey townhouses to 3 storey terrace style, we’ll tailor our service to meet the needs and requirements of the project.

Our building focus:

300+ million

end value of townhouses built

7 – 30+ Million

Contract Value

Let’s talk about how we can partner with your team for your next townhouse development project.