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Early stage development tips that save your build time and money

A developer’s enthusiasm for their project is the driving factor that gets the project off the ground. The momentum that is generated by this excitement is what takes the development from a vision to a reality.

Over the years we’ve witnessed a developer’s passion tested when the project costs are over their expected budget. This results in their profits being significantly reduced and, in some cases, makes the project unviable. All of this heartache can be easily avoided.

Our most successful and valued clients consult with us very early on in the design and planning process to avoid many of the pitfalls when it comes to establishing a development.

Whether it’s townhouse development, units, or apartments, by bringing that experience to the table it gives you a much better picture for cost control or other opportunities for cost effectiveness the project might present.

Here are some of the most valuable benefits:

  • A builder can give you an indication of the overall price of the project. If a developer hopes to ‘maximise the building envelope’ by building as big as they can they may discover, after producing plans, that the project is too big and actually beyond their budget. Having to then scale the plans back can be a costly exercise. Architects’ time is not cheap. Informed decisions early will result in less re-draw. Plus you will burn less time, because changes (to projects with a planning permit) need to be resubmitted to council.
  • A builder can make suggestions for a more cost effective construction. I.E. Walls could be set up differently. There may be a more economic way to incorporate a basement.
  • A builder can work with the consultants on the job by reviewing their documentation to see if there is a more effective and cost efficient way of completing structural and civil engineering, energy and soil reports and the landscape design.
  • An experienced builder will be on top of the trends that are prominent within that given area. This can help the developer put together a project that sits well in the area maximising its potential. That experience can also be harnessed, from the start, to set up a smooth council approval process.
  • If it’s a repeat developer starting a project from scratch working with an apartment or townhouse builder they have used in the past, then getting the architect to include that builder’s list of standard inclusions and construction methods can also help to keep costs down.

This gives a developer straight up insight into the nature and scope of the project and can identify issues or risks you may not have considered. And as pointed out above, a builder’s opinion is the only way to get a more accurate idea of ‘real’ building costs. These costs will be refined later on but a fairly accurate initial estimate will only come from someone with years of experience building apartments, units and townhouse developments.

Developers need this kind of information to make well informed initial choices, right from the word go. It helps set the project up for the smoothest build process and most successful investment result.

The alternative – focusing totally on your designs and plans first and then finding a builder later can result in unnecessary problems down the track.

SAW Constructions has can assist with early involvement in your development project. If you’d like to know more, contact us today.