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At SAW Constructions, we see time and time again the impact that collaboration has on a project’s outcomes. The way you work together with others in a team lays the foundation for a project — and in our experience, the more effective your collaboration, the better off you will be.

In recent years, we partnered with Geoff Thomas at GM Project Management and Roth Developments. Together we navigated the complexities of a large-scale construction project under the complex challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic. Staying committed to excellence while taking an adaptive approach to
project management was vital.

This partnership not only tested our resilience against unprecedented challenges like the COVID-19 pandemic but also reinforced our dedication to delivering top-quality commercial outcomes.

Overcoming challenges

The project — the development of a 9,000-square-metre site slated for completion within 18 months — was ambitious from the start, but we commenced with confidence and a thorough plan.

However, the onset of the pandemic introduced challenges no one had seen before and a host of unexpected regulations and obstacles. Needless to say, it was set to test the resilience and adaptability for all across the project.

“Geoff, we’re gonna do this. We’re gonna get through this together.”

These were the encouraging words from Andrew, our Director, assuring all involved that quality wouldn’t be compromised. Adaptability and ongoing transparent communication with all project stakeholders allowed us to not only continue work but also ensure the safety and wellbeing of all involved. A high level of interaction ensured that all team members were aligned and coordinated, which was crucial in maintaining workflow continuity and project integrity.

The challenges of COVID-19 did not deter us from our commitment to delivering exceptional quality. The craftsmanship displayed throughout the construction phase was of the highest standard, as noted by Geoff Thomas: “The
quality of the workmanship on this project, it’s just amazing.”

A client-centric and developer-focused approach

What truly sets SAW Constructions projects apart is our clientcentric philosophy. Our leadership team remains directly accessible to our clients. Whether over the phone or on-site, we are there when needed, providing reassurances and solutions promptly. This hands-on approach enhances trust and ensures that client needs are met promptly and effectively.

Our work with GM Project Management and Roth Developments is a testament to our team’s ability to turn visions into reality. Geoff’s endorsement —”I continue to recommend them”— highlights our ability not just to deliver
but also innovate and lead in the construction industry, including during challenging times.

SAW’s prioritising of exceptional value management, delivering quality, cost efficiency, and timely delivery didn’t go unnoticed by Geoff — it made for a project that exceeded the expectations of the clients, and continues to do so.

While two years have passed since this project’s completion, we continue to maintain an ongoing relationship with the client.

Engaging with SAW Constructions means investing in a partnership dedicated to bringing your vision to life with the utmost professionalism and expertise. Let us take your project from conception to reality, with excellence as our benchmark.