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Technological advancements have always had the power to change the way we live, and in this day and age there are many that are bringing drastic change to home construction too.

From designing homes and prepping construction sites to virtual walkthroughs and homes that help run themselves, smart technologies are here to stay to manage the building process and showcase the expected outcome.

Let’s explore a few of the ways tech is becoming a fundamental part of construction and shaping the way we build and live.

A look into the future with BIM tech

BIM stands for Building Information Modelling and refers to the creation of a digital 3D building model to simulate the building process before breaking ground.

Software tools like Archicad and Revit support creating the BIM and transcend traditional blueprints and spreadsheets. This means every detail of a building can be explored, and everyone involved in a project can work on the same model, see changes in real-time, and catch potential issues early. Plus, it also allows clients to better visualise the elements of a building and make
informed decisions.

The magic of 3D modelling

A key aspect of BIM is 3D modelling, aiding in clarity for construction.

Complex junctions and structural details can be carefully crafted in a digital world, ensuring that what’s built stands the test of time and function. This can be especially useful in the application of steel construction.

Avoiding on-site erection challenges through early identification of issues is made easier using 3D modelling, along with the greater ability for collaboration across multiple touchpoints.

Ground-breaking insights with Lidar

Surveying land has been transformed by Lidar technology. Short for Light Detection and Ranging, Lidar is used in construction to make surveying land faster, more accurate, and less laborious.

This equates to more efficiency in the construction process, ensuring the foundation for projects perfectly align with their design outcomes.

The luxury of smart living

Technology isn’t just helping to build homes but run them as well. Imagine a home that knows your preferences and responds to your needs? That’s the promise of smart home technologies, which are becoming an integral part of modern construction.

Blinds and curtains that open and close themselves on set times, adjusting the pool temperature from afar to be ready when you’re home, advanced security systems that offer peace of mind — smart home innovations are redefining luxury living.

Walkthroughs with Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality (AR) walkthroughs are turning the dream of taking a peek into the future into a reality. This technology allows clients and stakeholders to step inside homes before they’re even built, experiencing spaces in a way that blueprints could never convey.

This powerful tool bridges the gap between imagination and reality, offering a valuable insight from the staging process through to displaying finished products.

A new perspective with drones

The use of drones in construction offers a fresh perspective, literally. These flying cameras capture views from vantage points that once would’ve been inaccessible or highly expensive.

This aerial insight is invaluable to gain the very best possible picture of the process and the finishes product, especially for areas that are usually out of sight. More vantage points mean more accountability and a higher quality end result.

Building a smarter future

The integration of technologies like Lidar, smart home systems, Augmented Reality and more are not just gimmicks or trends — they’re changing the way homes are designed, built and lived in.

At SAW Constructions we stay at the forefront of smart technology to help deliver the best experience and results possible for our clients at every stage of the construction process.

If you’d like to learn more, reach out for a chat with our team.